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Meet 'Partner West Africa'
Partner West Africa (PWA) is a progressive, non-profit, non-governmental organisation (NGO) with a mandate to support, protect and empower vulnerable West African families and children. We are UK-based - registered and overseen by the UK Charity Commission - and have a well-established operational head-quarters in Ghana, West Africa - where we are certified by the Ghanaian Department of Social Welfare to undertake humanitarian & developmental works nation-wide.

Our charity promotes and undertakes collaborative, ethical, international development partnerships. Through strategic alliances with the local and international communities, like-minded individuals, educational & academic institutes, other charities, and government/intergovernmental bodies, we seek to build bridges, foster empathy & understanding, and promote the sharing of knowledge & resources. For these reasons, Partner West Africa embodies the values inherent in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No.17: the 'revitalization of global partnerships for international development'.

Our operational team in Ghana live and work in the West African communities we serve year round, establishing trust and developing a deep understanding of local development priorities, actors and opportunities. This expert local knowledge, cultural understanding, network of contacts, and clear diagnosis of local needs, allows us to provide safe and effective access to any partner with a shared mandate to support West African families and children under the framework of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2015.

Our aims & objectives are to protect and empower families and children by breaking down the development barriers that reinforce inequality and keep the most vulnerable members of society trapped in a cycle of poverty. Our key disciplines, based on a comprehensive Needs Assessment of the communities we serve, include:

  1. Reducing family & child poverty - UNSDG No.1
  2. Improving children's nutrition & hygiene - UNSDG No.2
  3. Reducing child mortality through healthcare, immunisations & malaria prevention - UNSDG No. 3 
  4. Preparing & providing pre-school age children with access to education - UNSDG NO.4
  5. Protecting women & girls through healthcare & gender equality - UNSDG No.3 & UNSDG NO.5
  6. Providing economical empowerment & reducing inequality for women & girls - UNSDG NO.8 & UNSDG NO.10

Working Alongside Partner West Africa:
Our focus on collaborative and strategic partnerships builds on our belief that the challenges the world faces today require comprehensive, holistic, cooperative responses. No person or organisation can effect sufficient change alone. So by harnessing the knowledge and skills that our international volunteers, academic experts, partner organisations and local and international community members provide, and by intelligently identifying and making the most efficient use of the variety of resources these different parties can offer, Partner West Africa seeks to design robust and fully inclusive, sustainable solutions to local problems. 

Examples of the specific types of partnerships and collaborations we promote & undertake include:

I. Project Delivery Partnerships: Partner West Africa can provide the operational & logistical local expertise for any funding body, development organisation or academic research institute which is seeking to access West African communities to help support the aims & objectives of the United Nations SDGs 2015. We can host teams at our well equipped and comfortable guest house in Ghana, plan, deliver and monitor projects or research, provide safe & secure access to West African communities, and offer a comprehensive network of local and national key community leaders & contacts. For development delivery in Ghana, we are your local, expert partner.

II. School-to-Schhol Partnerships: We form and nurture long-term, bespoke, school-to-school partnerships, between schools from the international community & schools from West Africa, to encourage students to expand their world view and become responsible global citizens. We work with all age groups and provide a range of well tested and well structured academic and cultural projects for students to participate in, provide safe & secure accommodation and support for field trips or school excursions to Ghana, and provide direct access and insights in to the local culture, education system and communities. If your school is looking to form a productive and rewarding relationship with a West African peer, we can facilitate and enable a range of partnerships with commitments and learning outcomes that can be adjusted to suit your needs.

III. International Volunteering: All of our projects & programmes are accessible to suitably motivated, skilled and qualified individuals or groups who wish to work on a voluntary basis to gain insight and experience in hands-on development work. Through our internal international volunteering department: 'Volunteer West Africa', we provide class-leading, ethical and well structured African volunteering opportunities. We are a member of the 'Better Care, Better Volunteering' network and are a leading voice for ethical and responsible volunteering. We have a purpose built volunteer guest-house, volunteer coordinators and care staff, and a comprehensive volunteer support package. If you are looking to gain valuable & rewarding experience in a development context, we are the right volunteering organisation for you!

IV. Responsible Donations & Philanthropy: Many of our partners are simply individuals, families, or organisations who want to provide resources, funds or materials to assist vulnerable families and children in West Africa. However, there are plenty of reasons to be cautious even when doing something as seemingly harmless as giving. Legitimate criticism of many charities exist because of the poor ethical controls used when disseminating funds or materials: items can be donated which are not appropriate or that can cause offense, many resources can be bought locally saving precious funds on shipping costs and stimulating the local economy instead, goods can end up in the wrong hands and be sold for profit, or through simple poor planning and a lack of sound local knowledge the wrong resources can reach the wrong people. So if you are looking for a charity or cause to partner with, or seeking to complete a fund-raising event or appeal, or you are looking to commit to a longer-term relationship of providing ongoing support through sponsorship that can also provide you with a return (i.e. updates on the impact your generosity has had, clear feedback and reports about the ongoing needs of the people you are supporting, or 'Thank You' acknowledgements that you can share and promote), please get in touch. Partner West Africa can guarantee you an honest, transparent and responsible partner to manage your philanthropy.

For more information about our organisation, the work we do, or how you can get involved, please browse the rest of our website, follow us through the social media links at the top of this page, or get in contact with a member of our team.

of all international volunteers and school/educational partners who worked with us last year would recommend us.
of children who have attended our Childcare Centre survive & thrive, in a community where the average child mortality rate is over 20%

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